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Cadastre of caves of Reggio Emilia


42035 Castelnovo Ne Monti


Caves in various municipalities of Appennino Reggiano

Geographic Area:

Geographic Area

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In our region, thanks to the Speleological Regional Federation of Emilia - Romagna, You can find a list of all the natural caves discovered and explored by various speleological groups operating in the territory. This list, called "Land register of the natural caves" was founded when a first group of 122 grottos (20 of which are in our province) were already inserted in the 1st national land register at the time located at Postumia. In 1957, after a very intense exploration, the Land Register Commission for the Natural Caves of Emilia - Romagna was constituted, it began a systematic job of finding information, relative to the newly found information of the grottos. This job, through alternating phases led tot he publication in 1980 of a the first "Regional Register of Natural Cavities", including a list of 564 grottos of which 163 located in the Reggiano territory. A further updating (FSRER, 1986) brought the total number of regional grottos to 630, the ones in the Reggiano territory were 197, a number which has now reached 198 with the discovery of RE 640 (December 1986). Up to this point we've spoken about numbers, which perhaps surprise who is profane and even experts of the mountain environment, for whom it is easy to locate precisely such a high number of accesses. In popular Reggiano tradition, in fact, only 2 grottos are known: the "Tana della Mussina" (Borzano), and the "Grotto of Santa Maria Maddalena of Valestra". In fact, this number includes a few dozen cavities which have now disappeared, many small sized ones which are reduced to tectonic crevices or to cave wrecks, rarely developed more than 10 m. The reason for this modest popularity enjoyed by the Reggiano grottos lies in the fact that also the major carsic systems are in rarely visited territories, outside tourist-excursion and itinerary areas, and are not therefore subject to unexpected visits. The lack of spectacular exterior signs has always pushed back the curiosity of the mountain people, made suspicious by these "wolf lairs".
In reality exploration of the Reggiano grottos often presents great difficulties, overcome only through the use of techniques and experience acquired by the speleologists.
Our group is always available to accompany whoever is interested, into the caves based on the abilities of who is asking for the visit: school children are ever increasingly appreciating the hypogeum world. For the above mentioned reasons the following land register list refers to the most representative grottos and refer to speleological interest areas of the Reggiano territory. The complete up-dated list, at the Register, is constantly being published in the bulletin of the Group called "Ipoantropo". Each cave has an illustrated index-card with up-dated reliefs and photographic information, available at the headquarters of the group. 1) RE - Grotto of Santa Maria Maddalena of Vallestra
Tectonic cave; location S. M. Maddalena (Carpineti); Height: 920; Expansion: 120 Gradient: -14
2) RE - Tana della Mussina Diborzano
Active Phreatic stratum spring; Location Borzano (Albinea); Height: 275; Expansion: 554 Gradient: +17, -9 12) RE Tana della Mussina of Montericco
Periodic Phreatic stratum spring; Location Ca' Scaparra (Albinea); Height: 264; Expansion: 85 Gradient: -6, +7
138) RE Mouth of Ca' Speranza
Fossil mouth; Location Ca' Speranza (Albinea); Height: 375; Expansion: 1077 Gradient: -74
154) Tanone Grande della Gacciolina
Doline collapse, underground torrent; Location Ca' Rabacchi (Villaminozzo); Height: 484; Expansion: 582 Gradient: -50
200) RE - Tanone piccolo della Gacciolina
Large cave; Location Ca' Rabacchi (Villaminozzo); Height: 507; Expansion: 292 Gradient: -50
203) RE - Ditches of Monte Caru'
Tectonic cave; Location Monte Carù (Villaminozzo); Height: 545; Expansion: 215 Gradient: -561
204) RE - Phreatic stratum spring of Mt Rosso, Active spring; Location Mt Rosso (Castelnovo ne' Monti); Height: 450; Expansion:306 Gradient:+5
212) RE - Phreatic stratum spring of Rio Vei, Active spring; Location Rio Vei (Castelnovo ne' Monti); Height: 496; Expansion:200 Gradient:+14
239) RE - Pozzo V of Mt Rosso, Tectonic cave; Location Mt Rosso (Castelnovo ne' Monti); Height: 564; Expansion:113 Gradient:-23
244) RE - Phreatic stratum spring of Ca' della Ghiaia, Active spring; Location Ca' della Ghiaia (Busana); Height: 495; Expansion:460 Gradient:+25
336) RE - Tana dalle Varina, Active spring; Location Casa Vera (Vezzano s/C.); Height: 335; Expansion:42 Gradient:+2
343) RE - Inghiottitoio di Ca', Fossil mouth; Location Ca' Scaparra (Albinea); Height: 278; Expansion:210 Gradient:-26
401) RE - Grotto Fernando Malavolti, Tectonic cavity; Location S. Michele di Vall. (Carpineti); Height: 798; Expansion:82 Gradient: -80
404) RE - Grotto delle Stalattiti, Tectonic cavity; Location S. Michele di Vall. (Carpineti); Height: 793; Expansion:82 Gradient: -20
486) RE - Grotto Nuova di Ca' Scaparra, Active mouth; Location Ca' Scaparra (Albinea); Height: 300; Expansion:150 Gradient:-40
561) RE - Great Phreatic stratum spring of the Rio Rossendola, Active spring; Location Rio Rossendola (Ligonchio); Height: 675; Expansion:142 Gradient:+5
579) RE - Grotto della Dolina of Cadignano, Tectonic cave; Location Cadignano (Villaminozzo); Height:635; Expansion: 77 Gradient: -24
584) RE - Phreatic stratum spring - Waterfall to the left of Rio Canalaccio, Active hypogeum bend; Location Rio Canalaccio (Collagna) Height: 940, Expansion: 76 Gradient: + 10
597) RE - Resurgent of Mulino della Gacciola
Periodic resurgent; Location Mul. Gacciola (Villaminozzo) Height: 470;
Expansion: 513; Gradient: +6
600) RE - Mouth Dei Tramonti Active mouth; Location Rio dei Tramonti (Busana) Height: 590; Expansion: 700; Gradient: -83
640) RE - Mouth of Talada Active mouth; Location Talada (Busana) Height: 660; Expansion: 922; Gradient: -107, +3
(Speleologic Guide of the Reggiano Territory, M. Chiesi, 1988)
Last update: July 10, 2019


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