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Canossa - 42026 Canossa

How to get there:

Distance from Reggio Emilia: 26 km. You get there taking the SS 513.
Distance from Parma: 28 km. You get there taking the SS 513
AutoRoute exit of Reggio Emilia (A1): 27 km
AutoRoute exit of Parma: A1 Parma: km 32; A15 Ponteraro: km 45.5
Railroad station of Reggio Emilia: 26 km
Airport of Parma: 32 km

Tourist Area:

Tourist Area

Geographic Area:

Geographic Zone
Matildic Zone

Analytical text:

Ciano d'Enza is situated on the shores of the Enza river where the valley starts to narrow near the slopes of the first hills of the Apennines.
The communal administrative capital built around two vast squares, is found on the right side of the Enza torrent, at the foot of the hill where the castles of Rossena and Canossa rose, heart of the huge Matildic feud.
The center of Ciano d'Enza, once enclosed for defensive purposes around a closed fortified court, hardly visible today in the altered urban structure, was in past centuries object of disputes between the dukedoms of Parma and Modena-Reggio.
Ciano d'Enza is an important excursion area due to the presence of the river and the charm of the Matildic areas, which attract visitors also from abroad.
The main monument of the town is the church, which dates back to the beginning of the 18th century, even though it was built on a more antique foundation, it has a nice steeple and inside there's a canvas attributed to Guido Reni. A little south of the church, where the municipality square is, you can see large arch portals which define the entrance to old courts proving the existence of a series of rural constructions which constituted, most probably, the most ancient generating center of the town.
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Piazza Matteotti, 28 - loc. Ciano d'Enza
42026 Canossa (RE)
0522 248411
0522 248450

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