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Carbonizzo - 42026 Canossa

How to get there:

Distance from administrative capital: about 1.5 km.
You take Via Carbonizza in the direction of the Enza torrent.

Tourist Area:

Tourist Area

Geographic Area:

Geographic Zone
Matildic Zone

Analytical text:

The buildings are placed on a tall escarpment which descends into the underlying fluvial plateau of the Enza river, the location is definitely of antique origin as is demonstrated by the antique walls of a few constructions which bear traces of late medieval portals and 17th - 18th century open galleries.
The antique dwelling tradition of the area, favored by its vicinity to the river, is evidenced by the existence of the near-by archeological site of Luceria, a place subject to archeological research since the 19th century when finds of great artistic interest came to the surface.
Luceria was probably an important Gallo-roman settlement, erected near the mouth of the Enza river in the hillside at the time crossed by a very antique route probably of Etruscan origin, which from Bologna went up towards Piacenza. At Carbonizzo you can see a few exposed stone masonry surfaces made using exclusively stones which are crude and smoothed by the river, creating charming plastic chromatic effects.
Immediately at the bottom of the escarpment where the town lies you can see an old water mill, once operated by three vertical wheels and still in use today, although technologically renovated, which retains traces of the antique hydraulic plants along with three pairs of mills with wooden frames and different working tools.
The existence of the mill at Ciano moved by the waters of the Enza canal, which originates near the village of Cerezzola was documented as far back as the 15th century.
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Piazza Matteotti, 28 - loc. Ciano d'Enza
42026 Canossa (RE)
0522 248411
0522 248450

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