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Castelnovo ne' Monti


42035 Castelnovo Ne Monti

How to get there:

Distance from Reggio Emilia km 44
You get there taking the SS N. 63
Distance from Modena km 65
From Modena you get to Sassuolo taking the SP N. 15 and you continue on the SS N 486 of the Radici Pas up to Ceredolo where you take the SP 19 up to Gatta, then you continue on the SP N. 9 from Gatta to Felina, SS N. 63 up to C. Monti
Distance from Parma km 59
Youget there taking the SS N. 513 Parma, Traversetolo, S. polo d'Enza, Vetto, C. Monti

Tourist Area:

Tourist Area

Geographic Area:

Geographic Zone
Matildic Zone

Analytical text:

Castelnovo ne' Monti is the political, administrative, and economic center of the Reggiano mountians, on the important road axis which is the state road 63.
Originally made up of four cornerstone centers connected to each other, not easily noticeable due to the increase of inhabitants, the administrative capital maintains few traces of its past.
One ofthe few artifacts of past centuries is the important Santa Maria parish of Campiola transferred in 1200 from Bismantova to an underlying hill.
Of the castle, there's part of the donjon left, reduced to a short pollard tower, edges of the defensive walls and ruins of structures which can't be identified.
The old center, situated in a natural basin enclosed by three covered reliefs of pines planted between the end of the ninteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century has homogenous and recurring architectural characteristics and a particularly praiseworthy construction curtain near Piazza 1 Maggio, the antique arms piazza.
It was an area of Etrurian and Roman penetration, in contrast with the preexistent Celtic-Ligurian populations (Titus Livy, wrote also about Suismontium, toponym of uncertain attribution which can recall Bismantova). The Byzantines later founded there the "gastaldato of Bismantova" and placed one of their important protection on the peak of the Pietra (kastròn Bisimanto) which lasted until the arrival of Longobards in the half of 7th century. The tiny Villola court, the original village of the commune placed at the foot of the Pietra di Bismantova, at the beginning of the 9th century was later under the protection of the Emperor Enrico II, by the bishop of Reggio Emilia, Teuzone, request. The Castrum novum (from it Castelnovo) was a work of Canossa's people, and Matilde herself gave it to the Sant'Apollonio monastery of Canossa in 1111. In fact the first name of the village was "Castelnovo del Signor Abate di Canossa". This territory upraises at the crossing of 3 historically important roads: on one side Reggio-Luni through Cerreto passes; on the other side Parma-Lucca through Pradarena and Delle Radici passes; the third one is Lizane road, between the Enza valley and Linari (or Lagastrello) pass. In 1188 Castelnovo ne' Monti (the definitive name from 1534 changed several times, even if the first one who named the village was the Este podestà Gian Battista Coriani in 1490) swore loyalty to Reggio commune. After being enfeoffed by the Da Dallo, in 1409 was under the rule of Este. Associated to the podestà office of Felina, in 1480 Castelnovo itself became the administrative capital and main centre of government of a great part of Reggio Emilia mountains. This function will increase in the next centuries. When in 1859 the ancient Este regime waned, Castelnovo was elected as administrative capital of district, while its later restoration is seat of an unique great commune which included also the present communes of Vetto, Ramiseto, Busana and Collagna. The construction of the "strada militare di Lunigiana" (present SS 63) stimulated the old village centre: new roads were open, making an impetuous building development start. Among the famous person who were born in Castelnovo we remind the poet Antonio Peretti (1815-1858), Carlo Franceschini, who import the Mazzini's Carbonarist movement in Reggio Emilia area, and Cirillo Monzani, important figure in the cabinet administration in the early period after the national union: they are all present in the road toponomy.
(G. Cervi, 1988; G. Giovanelli, 2000; P.G.Oliveti, 2000)
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Castelnovo ne' Monti
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42035 Castelnovo ne' Monti (RE)
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