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C.E.I.S. Italian Solidarity Center Carpineti


  • 0522 816980 Sig. Luciano Magnani
  • 0522 609415 Sig. Uber Margini ufficio
  • 0522 618385 Sig.ra Carla Filippi


Via S. Prospero - 42033 Carpineti

How to get there:

It's located in the administrative capital, Via S. Prospero (near the welcome house)

Opening times:

All year long, even on holidays

Offered services:

The center collaborates with the SE.R.T. (service recovering addicts) of Castelnuovo ne 'Monti, the association with "To Serve Man" and the CE.IS (Italian Centre of Solidarity) in Reggio Emilia. With the help of 80 volunteers, the center performs various support services for drug users: those who have no families are housed at the hostel and assisted day and night, others are accompanied daily to Reggio Emilia for group therapy. The center also deals with prevention, through meetings that are held each Monday evening, with parents of children taking drugs.
The service is free; funds for expenses are raised through various events such as:
- 2-3 day annual festival held in mid-August at the public park of the capital with restaurant and sale of cheese and typical products offered by dairies and farms;
- Shows by several theater companies dialect of the mountain (it is a real billboard that lasts from December to June);
- Treasure hunt;
- Bingo;
- Races "Majong" (card games).
Besides all this, the center organizes evenings with experts and parents to know the drug problem.
Last update: March 8, 2021


Piazza Matilde di Canossa, 1
42033 Carpineti (RE)
0522 615019 0522 615020
0522 718014

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