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Cerreto Laghi - Cerreto Alpi



42037 Collagna

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Spring Summer




Cerreto Laghi - Cerreto Alpi


It's easily reached taking the SS 63 up to the Cerreto Pass to then continue along the SP 58 towards the Cerreto Laghi.
It's 13 km from Collagna

Tourist Area:

Parco Nazionale dell'Appennino Tosco-emiliano

Geographic Area:


Details of tour:

Itinerary in detail
The trail, which coincides with CAI path 649 with red markings begins at the northern edge of Lake Cerretano and descends along a carriage road which goes to Lake Pranda, from where, following the markings, you descend, flanking for a brief stretch the Cerretano canal. From here you continue encountering the ancient path of "Tornello" which descending a winding road, reaches the SS 63 at Babellina, a group of houses behind the Secchia river, remembered because during the period 1830 - 1844 there was a customs post to transit from the Estensi duchy to Lunigiana. From this point you continue along a carriage road which leads to the ancient hamlet of Cerreto Alpi, which retains an interesting architectural patrimony dating back to the XVI, XVII, XVIII centuries. Quite significant is the San Giovanni Battista church, already mentioned in documents of the X and XI centuries. Noteworthy are also the numerous sacred images made of Apuan marble, the so-called "majesties". Significant too are a few buildings which still have their roofs made of stone slabs ("piagne") and numerous ogival sandstone portals. From the hamlet you can reach the Secchia river, where you can visit the old restored mill. Today turned into a visitor center of the Park.
(G. Cervi, P.G. Oliveti 1997)
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