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Church of San Giorgio of Monzone


Monzone - 42010 Toano

How to get there:

Location Monzone
Distance from the administrative capital about 2.5 km
From the administrative capital you take the SP 8 following the directions for Quara to then turn onto the SC that leads to Monzone.

Tourist Area:


Geographic Area:

Matildic Zone

Additional notes:

Notizie aggiuntive
E' visitabile esternamente
Per visitarla internamente rivolgersi a 0522 808313

Analytical text:

The Church of Monzone, consecrated in the XII century by bishop Alberio, is dedicated to San Giorgio the martyr. In the lists of 1302, 1538 and in the following pastoral visits it appears to be dependant on the Toano Parish. In 1593 the church was in bad condition, from documents of 1664 the church appears to have been rebuilt and equipped with trusses and irregular structure. In 1829 the sacristy was rebuilt. The building faces liturgically and has a doubled weathered façade. The entrance portal is architraved and squared in sandstone. Above there's an elegant double light. The interior has a single nave with rectangular apse. The ceiling retains the beams with wooden trusses. The apse has a transept vault. The typological characteristics and the architectural features in particular the squared sandstone lights, allow the structure to be attributed to the XVI century. On the western side you can see a salvage stone bearing a hardly readable inscription due to the extreme wear, and a date perhaps referring to the XIII century. Not far from the church there's a round belfry on which you read: "FIDELIUM CONCURSI AEDIFICATO RECTORE DOMINICO ORRLANDINI A.D. MCMLXIII"
To visit the interior call 0522/808313
Last update: March 8, 2021


Corso Trieste, 65
42010 Toano (RE)
0522 805110
0522 805542

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