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Church of San Giovanni Battista di Querciola


San Giovanni di Querciola - 42030 Viano

How to get there:

The location San Giovanni di Querciola is easily reached from Viano, it's 10 km away, taking the SP 89 up to Regnano, where you take the SP 63 in the direction of Casina: the hamlet is found on this road.

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Matildic Zone

Analytical text:

The parochial territory of San Giovanni was divided, in the beginning of religious services, into two ecclesiastic centers depending on the churches of S. Michele and S. Siro. In the "flatland of the field" there initially was a chapel dedicated to S. Giovanni Battista belonging to the Giberti family. As the years passed by the chapel was used more and more for religious celebrations and was equipped and improved tot he detriment of the S. Siro church. Bishop Marchesani considered it de facto "parochial" having found liturgical books and archive registers in the sacristy. The radical transformation from oratory to parochial church took place towards the middle of the XVVII century. In 1673 the minor altars of the Rosary and the S. Genesio were moved further back, the two chapels near the presbytery. In 1679 – 81 the vaults were terminated and the stucco walls were decorated by the maestro Martino Ferraboschi. In 1686 a second lateral door was added and the interior was painted. An artistic opinion of the times states: "Inside the church is a Baroque style, but so elegant as to recreate the eye and be considered among the most beautiful in the area… On the outside it is not adorned; it has only a crowning part that is initially lively but already worn down by time which places it in the a rural style…" The peak of artistic and architectural perfection of the church is obtained in 1737. In 1680 Martino Ferraboschi adorns and stuccos the Holy Rosary chapel. Towards the middle of the XVIII century the church is object of military devastation. The church regains its ancient splendor in 1888. In 1894 the concert of four bells was inaugurated. The building is characterized by a simple double weathered façade. The pointed arch portal is contoured by a relief cornice. Above there's a window in relief, which is slightly tapered.
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