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Church of San Lorenzo at Febbio


  • 0536 968020 Parrocchia


Febbio - 42030 Villa Minozzo

How to get there:

From the administrative capital it's about 15 km
From the administrative capital you take the SP 9 for Civago, once in the location Asta take the SP 99 for Febbio
Via Rescadore

Entrance fee:

ingresso gratuito



Tourist Area:


Additional notes:

Notizie aggiuntive:
Esternamente è sempre visitabile, per la visita all'interno della chiesa contattare il parroco.

Analytical text:

The church of "Feblum" is nominated in 1240, but the name of the first rector is found only in the register of 1302. In 1426 the church, dedicated to San Lorenzo still appears united to Asta and in 1478 to Coriano. It's first reconstruction from the foundations up dates back to about 1664. In 1852 a landslide seriously damaged the church. In September 1856 a new church was rebuilt with the financial help of the Vicar and of Duke Francesco V himself. In 1920 another landslide caused by an earthquake irrecoverably brought down the church and the belfry. The present day church was erected in 100 days in 1933. The building has a sloping façade enclosed by a pointed frontispiece. On the main door you can read the following inscription. "VETUSATIS ERGO HABENTE – ABIMO RESTAURATA IV NONAS SEPTEMBRIS – AB ORBE REDEMPTO MDCCCLVI". The interior has a rectangular layout and like the previous one, has three altars. The bell tower, thick and massive with a three-light window cell, rises not far away from the church.
The church can always be seen from the outside, for visits inside contact the Parish Priest.
Last update: March 8, 2021


Villa Minozzo
Piazza della Pace, 1
42030 Villa Minozzo (RE)
0522 801122
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