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Church of San Lorenzo at Rosano


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Rosano - 42020 Vetto

How to get there:

Location Crovara
Distance from the administrative capital 9 km
from the administrative capital you take the SS 513 in the direction of Castelnovo ne' Monti up to Rosano

Entrance fee:

ingresso gratuito



Tourist Area:


Geographic Area:

Matildic Zone

Analytical text:

Description:The church of Rosano, dedicated to San Lorenzo, is mentioned in a document of 1112.
In 1197 there's information regarding a contract stipulated "sub porticum eccelsie".
In 1302 among the churches belonging to Campiliola Parish there's the one of Rosano.
From the second half of the XIII century it appears united to the church of Pineto.
In 1443 there's the definitive union which will extend up to 1852.
Tradition has it that the church was erected by the Della Palude Courts. During the visit of Marliani in 1664 it was described as facing backwards "antigua" and "tabulata".
At the time of Picenardi's visit in 1705 it had a single altar.
Last update: March 8, 2021


Vetto d'Enza
Piazza Caduti di Legoreccio, 1
42020 Vetto d'Enza (RE)
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