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Church of San Martino of Marola


  • 0522 813185


Via Pantano, 3 - 42033 Carpineti

How to get there:

From the administrative capital it's 6 km
You get there taking the SP 36

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Matildic zone

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Geographic Area:

Zona Matildica

Analytical text:

The church of San Martino rises immediately to the east of Pantano. According to tradition the original building of the church was located on Mt Caudù. In 1302 it resulted as being dependent on the San Vitale parish. In 1538 the "sine cura" church of San Margherita was united to it, perhaps this other church was the one of Mt Caudù. In 1709 the church was directed liturgically with one nave and two aisles. At the end of the XVIII century the church was made longer and reduced to its present rectangular shape with chancel and five altars, and the sacristy and the tower were added. The building has a wide, compact volume. The façade is divided in three parts with the central part slightly in front and bordered by angular pilaster strips. The portal opens on it and is architraved, squared by a cornice and surmounted by a niche with the depiction of the titular and by an upper tapered window. On the southern face you notice an ashlar which bears the jubilee of 1450, while on the lateral door there's a built over architrave carved in relief with the monogram of Christ inserted in the solar emblem and flanked by a decoration with oak leaves and flowers with various petals. On the inside there's a Romanesque capital, which comes from the San Andrea church of Carpineti. The bell tower soars on the northern side of the church and has a single-light cell and pyramid shape crowning part.
Last update: March 8, 2021


Piazza Matilde di Canossa, 1
42033 Carpineti (RE)
0522 615019 0522 615020
0522 718014

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