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Church of San Pietro of Querciola


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Querciola - 42030 Viano

How to get there:

Viano is 22 km from Reggio Emilia and can be reached taking the SS 467 up to Scandiano, from where you continue on the SP 7.
It's 35 km from Modena and can be reached taking the SS 486, then the SS 467 up to Scandiano, where you continue along the SP 7. Continuing on the SP 7 in the direction of Baiso you get to the location Casella. The building rises in correspondence with a marly hill, which dominates the Tresinaro valley.

Entrance fee:

Free of charge

Tourist Area:


Geographic Area:

Matildic zone

Analytical text:

The church is mentioned in the Register of Tithes of 1302 and is dedicated to San Salvatore. The church of San Pietro succeeded it in 1538. In 1543 the building was in bad condition "the church is full of cracks and risks collapsing, the Santissimo is not kept and when it is, it is kept in a small vase without light. Between 1564 and 1574 restoration work began and continued all the way through 1584. In 1636 the rectory was built, in 1664 the church had a wooden truss ceiling. The bell tower was erected in 1724 probably following more recent restructuring work done on the building. The church was lengthened in 1792. In 1967 the old church was abandoned and substituted by the modern construction. The building rises on a marly relief dominating the Tresinaro valley. It has a sloping façade on which there's a tapered window, surmounted by a votive niche. The bell tower rises on the side and has a two-light window cell. The inside has a hall-shaped layout with three altars. On the outside wall there's an ashlar stating: "DE ANNO 1727 AEDIFICARUNT ME SPE – ROQ ALTIUS OLIMIRE" while on the main door, carved in the rock, there's a date in difficult to read characters, "F.MCCLXV".
Last update: March 8, 2021


Via San Polo, 1
42030 Viano (RE)
0522 988321
0522 988497

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