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Church of Sant' Ambrogio of Villaberza


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Villaberza - 42035 Castelnovo Ne Monti

How to get there:

From Castelnovo nè Monti follow the S 63 up to Felina where you continue on the town road for Villaberza for about 5 km. Once in Felina it's also possible to continue for about a few kilometers where, on the left, you take the SP 79 which you will then leave to follow a road on the left.

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Geographic Area:

Matildic zone

Analytical text:

Already at the beginning of the XIV century there was news concerning the church of Villaberza as being dependent on Campiliola. Bishop Cernini describes it in 1543 as having a baptismal font in terrible condition and Bishop Mariani in 1664 mentions it as facing east-west and being "tabulata". In 1705 it had three altars and had just had its façade reconstructed. The three oratories of Santa Lucia, Sant' Antonio and of the Sacred Trinity were dependent on the Sant' Ambrogio church. The façade of the church is simple with architraved portal and an upper window niche. On the southern side you can see a slab, for the most part it is unreadable, dated "1690". In the rectory there's a niche which stands out, it contains an ashlar with braided design signed "H.D.N. I.H.S.X.R. MDCCI. P.D.V.R.". On the inside there's a praiseworthy capital with the story of David, which comes from the San Vitale Parish of Carpineti (1160-1170).
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