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Corte dei Paoli a Pietranera di Vedriano


Pietranera - 42026 Canossa

How to get there:

Location Pietranera di Vedriano.
It's about 14 km from the administrative capital
From the administrative capital you take the SS 513 (in the direction of Castelnovo Monti) up to Cerezzola, you take the Provincial road n° 79 on the left i the direction of Trinità, from here cross a town road and you get to Vedriano.

Tourist Area:

Tourist Area

Geographic Area:

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Matildic zone

Analytical text:

The Paoli houses represent a praiseworthy complex that local tradition indicates as an antique friar convent.
After passing the entrance portal you enter in to a small paved court on which at the front there's a long open gallery with eight archivolted lights supported by cylindrical mullions made of brick with rounded arches.
A squat tower house, surmounted by a spacious dovecot with stone structure and crowning part with terraced roof with three archivolted lights, towers above the whole constructions, which shows how important dove breeding was in the past.
A sober linear motif defines the dovecot cornice and above the double fascia eave small ceiling where the holes for the swifts are located.
The most significant aspect of the court is the interior disposition of the rooms: climbing a spacious stone and brick flight of stairs you come to the living quarters, situated on the first floor where the rooms retain characteristics of the past.
The rooms of the antique kitchen are visible, with connected oven and washing trough, and on the walls you can still see the soot from the fireplace which is located at the center of one of the walls.
here you can see the old place of the kitchen stoves, singularly similar to those which are still visible today in the antique Pompeian dwellings.
the floor is made of thick wooden boards while big oak beams support the ceilings.
small niches which open onto the walls and the large sand stone wash basin paint a perfect image of daily life within the court. The braised and irregular level of the floor and the soot marks contribute to rendering the setting all the more charming and praiseworthy.
On the walls there are dates of different periods, one of which refers to 1600; another 1600 is located inside a barn hayloft.
You can also see a raised archivolted portal and marble icon depicting an angel and a believer with the caption "Posverunt Me Custodem".
On the eastern face traces of a stone portal and an angular ashlar dated 1790 are visible.
The court currently maintains intact its original characteristics which now make it a rare example of a conserved historical setting in the Reggiano Apennine territory.
Last update: July 10, 2019


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