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42030 Ramiseto

How to get there:

By car:
Location Lagastrello Pass
Its about 30 km from the administrative capital
from the administrative capital you take the SP 15 up to Lagastrello Pass.
On foot:
CAI path 655 (2 hours 15 min.) starting at the Lagastrello dam - Lake Mount Acuto - Ghiaccioni
By car:
Location Succiso
Its about 20 km from the administrative capital
from the administrative capital you take the SP 15 up to Lagastrello Pass, after about 30 km you turn left for the town of Succiso and then continue up to the town of Varvilla (Succiso Nuovo).
On foot:
CAI path 673 (1 hour 15 min.) Rio Pascolo
CAI path 653 (1 hour 30 min.) starts from Succiso Nuovo

Tourist Area:

Tourist Area
Parco Nazionale dell'Appennino Tosco-emiliano

Geographic Area:

Geographic Area

Additional notes:

Additional information:
Near the ghiaccioni you can visit the lake of Mt Acuto, of glacial origin or rest in the Città di Sarzano shelter, next to the lake, all of this surrounded by a landscape which is rich in vegetation.

Analytical text:

The "Ghiaccioni" are famous for the basin called "Buca delle Neve", where two curved morainic ridges about 15 m tall enclose a vast plain that the Bottacio brook flows through.
The small morainic amphitheater probably corresponds to th( deposit of the last late glacial phase before the definitive disappearance of glaciers, which took place about 10,000 years ago, at the head of the valley. The basin was center of an ancient lake, as demonstrated by the silt of lake origin, which was found here. In the area there's also a deposit of coating constituted by rocks and blocks of sandstone of Macigno of sandy-silted matrix. What isn't clear, given the scarceness of the surfacing, is if it's a torrential deposit or if it comes from an avalanche: this second hypothesis is more likely due to the presence of heterometric rocks which were taken from glacial deposits.
Last update: March 8, 2021


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