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Ice rink of Cerreto Laghi


Via Provinciale, 15 bis - Cerreto Laghi - 42037 Collagna

How to get there:

Situated in the fraction of Cerreto Laghi, in via Provinciale, 8.
It's 15 km from the administrative capital. You get there taking the SS 63, at the Cerreto Pass you continue along the SP 58.

Holiday hours:

CLOSED for structural problems

Opening times:


Offered services:

Services offered
- 6 animators on ice, recognizable by their clothing;
- hockey school;
- skate rental
- snackbar, sandwich stand, beer parlor;
- sauna, gym, game area, video games;
- 4 lockers with showers, toilets and rest room accessible to handicapped;
- offices and warehouses.
Furthermore the structure was designed to be polyfunctional, equipped with a cover for the rink which allows games of volleyball, basketball, indoor soccer and tennis to be played; or to host cultura


Si consigliano i guanti.
Pattini disponibili dal numero 26 al 49


Ice rink


Entrance:€ 8,00 Skate rental: 5,00


Any gratuity for groups to be agreed.
Last update: March 8, 2021


Via della Libertà, 36
42032 Ventasso (RE)
0522 891120
0522 891520

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