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Levizzano di Baiso


Levizzano - 42031 Baiso

How to get there:

Fraction of Levizzano 10 km fro Baiso.
You get there taking a communal road.

Tourist Area:

Tourist Area

Geographic Area:

Geographic Zone
Matildic zone

Analytical text:

The hamlet of Levizzano was mentioned in 1061 in a document of the San Tommaso monastery of Reggio Emilia.
In this place there must have been a fortified construction, currently the most important building is what probably remains of the "Signore" residence, seat of the power of the Fogliani up to the creation of the Estensi dukedom.
The castle is mentioned in a court of the Marola monastery of the year "1044" in castro et villa de Livinano".
In the 18th century Levizzano was a feud of the Baiso territory of which the house of the Levizzani Marquis was enfeoffed.
The noble palace is the most antique building dating back to the XIV - XVI century as is demonstrated by a plaque on the façade "MCCCCXX" and the architectural features made of ogival arched lintels in fired brick of praiseworthy craftsmanship.
Except for the small recent hay lofts, the entire nucleus retains the agricultural aspect it took on probably in the XVII century.
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Piazza della Repubblica, 1
42031 Baiso (RE)
0522 993511
0522 843980

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