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Macina Lake of Viano


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S. Romano - 42030 Viano

How to get there:

The lake can be reached taking the road that leads to S. Romano, which can be reached, for those coming from Viano, following the SP 7 and turning right a few kilometers after the administrative capital.

Weekday hours:

2 pm - 7 pm Saturday

Holiday hours:

6:30 am - 7 pm Sunday

Weekly Closure:

Monday and Tuesday

Opening times:

The lake is open from March to October

Offered services:

Lake Macina is a sports fishing structure. There are carp and fishing is with the "no kill" system: the fish is always released in the water and the best fishermen receive prizes (such as free entrance tickets or food products).


Sports fishing lake
Last update: March 8, 2021


Via San Polo, 1
42030 Viano (RE)
0522 988321
0522 988497

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