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Audio guides
These audio-guides allow visitors to discover Matilda of Canossa's and Raimondo Montecuccoli's story: two historical figures of particolar cultural significance because of their contribution to the development of these lands during the Medieval period. Thanks to the audioguides it will be easier to understand the territory, discover the natural beauty, culture, gastronomy and crafts that characterize the landscape. Events's timetable: the audio-guides are available on the website at any time
Programme: Places and stories to listen
Matilda of Canossa.
The life and vicissitudes of The Grand Countess – Part 1
Matilda of Canossa.
The life and vicissitudes of The Grand Countess – Part 2 Municipality of Canossa.
The Castle of Rossena and the Tower of Rossenella
The Castle of the Carpinete Family
Marola Abbey Municipality of Toano.
The Matilda-era parish church of Santa Maria Assunta and the ancient villages of Stiano and Manno
Ars Canusina – craftsmanship inspired by Romanesque art
Municipality of Castelnovo ne' Monti.
A wander through the Middle Ages
The Rupe di Campotrera Oriented Nature Reserve
Municipality of Carpineti.
The Parish Church of San Vitale
Municipality of Casina.
Castle of Sarzano
Municipality of Frassinoro.
The Church of Santa Maria e San Claudio Municipality of Vetto.
The Rio Tassaro Valley amid nature and medieval villages
From Frassinoro Abbey to the Pilgrims' Hospice at San Pellegrino in Alpe
Municipality of Canossa.
The legend of Canossa and the ruins of the castle
The Matilda Way
Municipality of Castelnovo ne' Monti.
Pietra di Bismantova
Flavours and Traditions in the Lands of Matilda
In the footprints of the ancient wayfarers
Tracking Down Matilda in Italian and European Museums Information points of the places mentioned in the audio-guides
-Canossa, IAT Terre Matildiche, Loc. Rossena, 83
-Carpineti, San Vitale Parish
-Casina, Sarzano Castle, via Graziani, 1
-Castelnovo ne' Monti, IAT Appennino Reggiano, via Roma, 79/e
-Frassinoro, Frassinoro Castle, via Castello, 1
-Toano, Hotel Miramonti, via Provinciale Est, 5/a
-Vetto, Crovara Church How to use the audio-guides
From the website you need to select the audio guide of your interest (MP3 or MP4) and then you need to save the audio tour on your computer. You can listen to the file on your computer or media player. Audio guides are completely free. There is a network of information points with free wi fi. The network name is Guglielmo
The use is free.
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Appennino Reggiano e Modenese
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