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Memorial in Toano


Cà Marastoni - 42010 Toano

How to get there:

Place: Toano Way: From Reggio Emilia drive through the 476 SS to Veggia, here take the 486 SS to the Radici Pass following the directions to Cerredolo and Toano. The centre is 60 km away from Reggio Emilia.

Tourist Area:


Geographic Area:

Mathildical zone

Additional notes:

It is a monumental group which you can enter going through a wide stairway and a big courtyard. Inside and outside the chapel there are gravestones and busts of different kind. Near the altar there is a tombstone. The constitutive commitee for the votive chapel was born on September 28, 1962. The approval for the project by the Curia dates back to October 11 1963 while the monumental mass was unveiled on September 12, 1971. One of the outside gravestone was discovered on June 2, 1969 whereas Don Pasquino Borghi's bust was discovered in 1974. The whole structure belongs to ALPI, the same land on which it is situated doesn't belong to the communal administration but it belongs to Monzone parish. The Reggio Emilia architects and enginneers co-operative society did the studies and the project free.
Inscription: The outside gravestone, close to Don Pasquino Borghi' s bust, is made up of 17 names:
"To the fallen partisans of the 284th Green Flame Brigade "Italo" // Reggio Emilia, A.L.P.I. Rome F.I.V.L. and Bidders raised on 2.6.1969./" "N. Brugnoli, A. Canovi - The Sorrowful Stones".

Analytical text:

Memorial chapel
Last update: March 8, 2021


Corso Trieste, 65
42010 Toano (RE)
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