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Metati in Vaglie


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Le Vaglie - 42039 Ligonchio

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The metati are found to the south-west of the town of Vaglie.
The fraction is 8 km fro the administrative capital and can be reached following the SP 32 in the direction of the Pradarena Pass to then take on the right the SP 92 for a few kilometers after the location Laghi.

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Analytical text:

Metati are small stone and wood constructions used to dry chestnuts from which, once ground, become edible cooking flour.
In the high altitude mountains chestnuts were a fundamental part of the diet up to the 1950's.
A few metati are located to the south-west of the village of Vaglie.
They're characterized by a court shaped formation with a slab cover.
the composed jamb portals face the ground floor, and are surmounted by slit pipes. The metati generally date back to the first half of the 1800's. When it was common practice to collect the dry chestnuts from the woods to make flour.
After the harvest, during the rest of the year the metato was used as a storage cabin for tools and livestock. these storage structures were later abandoned because chestnut flour was no longer considered an important daily staple.
Other examples of metati are visible today among the old chestnut woods near Collagna, Busana and Cerreto Alpi.
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