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Montale - 42034 Casina

How to get there:

Location Montale
It's about 13 km from the administrative capital
From Casina you take the town road in the direction of Migliara - Leguigno, once at a deviation on the left you follow it up to Montale.
From Reggio Emilia (43 km) you take the road for San Polo. Near Cerrezzola you follow the road for Trinità where a carriage road leads to Montale.

Tourist Area:

Tourist Area

Geographic Area:

Geographic Zone
Matildic zone

Analytical text:

Montale spreads out on the valley of the Tassobbio torrent.
The area retains historical and prehistorical aspects which date back to the bronze age.
It is the most populated hamlet of the Pianzo municipality, made up of two centers which occupy the peaks of two hills next to each other.
The northern and tallest one has a long shape heading north-south and is probably the most antique.
Noteworthy is a tower house of the XVI century and in the nearby buildings, a few architectural features in carved stone such as a stone on which has celtic rose is engraved.
The lower center, contained around the southern knoll, has a linear urban plan and retains a few buildings of the XVI-XVII century.
It would appear that the place-name might have the same origin of other similar ones referring to strong-holds of the Bizantines during the long war against the Longobards in the VI-VII century.
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42034 Casina (RE)
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