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Monument to the fallen people - Ramiseto


Piazzale della ex scuola - 42030 Ramiseto

How to get there:

Place: Ramiseto
Way: From Reggio Emilia go along the 63 SS up to the crossroads to Ramiseto, going on the 15 SP
It is 62 km away from Reggio Emilia

Tourist Area:


Additional notes:

It is a stony triptych with two white marble slabs on the sides with an epigraph and the names of the fallen people in metal and in the middle a bas-relief in pink marble. On the central part there is the inscription, while three crosses surmount the three elements. The names of the fallen people are divided in "Fallen Partisans in the 1940-45 war" and "Fallen Civilians for 40-45 war acts". The space in which the crosses are set is delimited by a hexagonal flower-bed. The unveiling dates back to the Seventies.
Inscription: "Ramiseto to its fallen people" "N. Brugnoli, A. Canovi - The Sorrowful Stones".

Analytical text:

Last update: July 10, 2019


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