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Morsiano - 42030 Villa Minozzo

How to get there:

Location Morsiano
it's about 15 km from the administrative capital
From the administrative capital you take the SP 95 that crosses Quara and then Gova (5 km away), once in these locations you continue taking the communal road with directions for Morsiano

Tourist Area:

Tourist Area

Analytical text:

This important hamlet stretches over the eastern most spurs of Mt. Penna, not far from the riverbed of the Dolo torrent.
The San Lorenzo church was mentioned in 1302 as belonging to the Toano parish.
the hamlet is made up of 2 separate building centers having undifferentiated plans.
The urban nucleus was subject to general construction operations which have altered the original architectural landscape.
You can still see construction features attributable to different historical periods.
On the façade of a completely restored building there's an ashlar bearing the year "1617".
An adjacent building is characterized by a quadrangular plan with four weathered roof and raised portal of 19th century style.
In the northern part of the hamlet there's a noticeable second construction of the 19th century which has a portal of a well with rounded arch.
In the vicinity there's another portal dated "1863".
The hamlet of Morsiano is characterized by numerous aedicula and majesties of different types and periods of construction.
A 19th century aedicula is particularly interesting and can be found on the eastern edge of the hamlet, two cylindrical mullions define the entrance supporting a barrel arch.
Last update: July 10, 2019


Villa Minozzo
Piazza della Pace, 1
42030 Villa Minozzo (RE)
0522 801122
0522 801359

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