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Mount Cavalbianco


42039 Ligonchio

How to get there:

From Ligonchio you continue in the direction of Ospitaletto and the passo di Pradarena, on the border with the province with Lucca. From here, at the refuge Carpe Diem, begins the Nature Route n° 10 of the Parco and the CAI path 643 (variant) that takes you to the peak in 1 hour.
Before Ospitaletto you follow the CAI path 643: you get to the peak in 3h15' (Carta Escursionistica RER 1:50000)

Tourist Area:

Parco del Gigante
Parco Nazionale dell'Appennino Tosco-emiliano

Geographic Area:

Grographic Area

Additional notes:

Additional Information:
The Pradarena pass is an ancient route which connected the cities of the "padana" plain to the central Italy and the Reggiano Apennines to Garfagnana

Analytical text:

Mount Cavalbianco has a typical glacial cirque morphology. From the high altitude grasslands of the mountain you can enjoy a wide panoramic view of the territory included in the Parco del Gigante, The Pietra di Bismantova and the surrounding hilly areas, while on crystal clear days you can see the first pre-alpine mountain chains. Towards the south you can see the Apuane Alps. Here snow, as in all major altitude areas, persists till late summer; this is one of the reasons why only small alpine type plants can thrive
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