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Nature Route Busana Floral Park



Via Fonti di S. Lucia - 42032 Busana

Periods of Activity:

Can't be done in case of snow or ice.


Floral Park, Location Fount of S. Lucia, Cervarezza Terme.


200 m from the discotheque restaurant La Tavernetta you take the SP 60 Cervarezza Terme, Fount of S. Lucia. Alternatively the route begins on the SP 15 Sparavalle Ramiseto, about 2 km after the intersection with the SS 63 (coming from Busana, Castelnovo ne' Monti).

Tourist Area:

Parco Nazioanel dell'Appennino Tosco-emiliano

Geographic Area:


Details of tour:

Itinerary in Detail:
It follows carriage roads and easily done paths (touristic),
- difference in altitude 150 m (1025 m, 875 m),
- length 1400 m,
- time needed (without stops) 30'.
Along the route you cross prairies and pastures, oaks, the ungulates, the different aspects of the woods, the pines, the fauna, the high beechwoods, the rocky spur, the panoramic point.
Last update: July 10, 2019


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