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Palace Gatti


Gatta - 42035 Castelnovo Ne Monti

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Località: Gatta
Percorso: Da Castelnovo nè Monti si percorre la SS 63, in direzione Reggio Emilia, fino al ponte di Gatta, per proseguire lungo la SP 9.Dista dal capoluogo 7 km circa

Opening times:

The complex, which is private property, can only be seen from the outside.

Tourist Area:


Geographic Area:

Matildic zone

Analytical text:

Description: The antique Gatti Palace is developed through a compact structure with evident fort matrix, probably attributable to the XVIII century. The palace is arranged around a small square plan tower with four-layered roof and stone surface partially finished off in the corners. Traces of the dovecot border remain; they're made of stone, broken on the northern side. On the southern side you can see a monolithic wheel-shape ashlar. A linear relief cornice concludes the building. The main structure has a monolithic entrance portal, archivolted, with wide entrance staircase to the upper floors. The windows are archivolted with three elements with windowsill corbel. The surface is made of stone with squared angulars finished off with alternating recurrences. Praiseworthy is the overhang of the eave line with exposed wooden beams attic, carved artistically. The "new" Gatti palace, instead, refers to the XVII century. It has a rectangular layout, arranged on three wide levels with four-layered roof made of tiles. The façades show a wide and bright surface defined by the light structure of the motif of the pilaster strips. On the main façade you can see a praiseworthy coat of arms of the Gatti family made of sandstone rock. The building was damaged during the Second World War and was subsequently restored. Inside it still retains a few fresco paintings of the second half of the XVIII century.
Last update: March 8, 2021


Castelnovo ne' Monti
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