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Pianzo - 42034 Casina

How to get there:

Distance from administrative capital: About 12 km.
From Casina you take the communal road in the direction of Migliara – Leguigno, not far from the intersection on the right that leads to Pianzo.
From Reggie Emil you take the State road n° 63, once in Casina, after the gallery you turn right (directions for Migliara) in the direction of Migliara, Leguigno, not long after you get to an intersection you take the communal road o the right in the direction of Pianzo.

Tourist Area:

Tourist Area

Geographic Area:

Geographic Zone
Matildic Zone

Additional notes:


Analytical text:

Having survived a weak roman dominion it grew stronger during the middle ages with the construction in the vital center of the territory, of the church in the place where the antique market or the assembly and the religious congregations were, on the tallest site of the rock.
Pianzo is also the name of the knoll where the heart of the community was represented by the castle, a small medieval fort of which only a few traces of the square tower remain along with the S. Maria Assunta church surrounded by the buildings of the rectory and other rustic buildings.
Pianzo, mentioned since the 11th century, after Matildic times, belonged to the Fogliani as did Sarzano and Paullo.
The fort was destroyed by the Gonzaga in 1349 and again by the Estensi in 1420. It then passed on to Parma along with the entire Rossera countryside up to a barter of territories in 1479.
Parma assigned permanently to the Estensi Duchy the vast territory of Roncaglio, Monchio and Pianzo, who along with Bazzano divide the Parmesan territories of Ciano and Rossena to the north from those of Vedriano and Gombio to the south.
The hamlet was enfeoffed to the Pepoli's of Bologna, to the Gherardini's of Verona who besides Bazzano and Scurano also held San Polo and other plains territories.
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