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Romagnano - 42033 Carpineti

How to get there:

It's 4 km from the administrative capital. You get there taking the SP / in the direction of Baiso and taking a communal road on the left after a few kilometers.

Tourist Area:


Geographic Area:

Matildic zone

Analytical text:

The hamlet of Romagnano rises inside a valley squeezed between Mt. S. Vitale and Uccellara. The hamlet is remarkably inserted in the environment and the buildings, distributed in a scaled fashion along the slope, fit into the landscape. The hamlet has a long history, seeing as a few of its constructions date back to the 15th century. The anglers on the edge of the buildings, the portals, the windows and the architraves are often adorned with pebbled motifs, diamond, cross-shaped and herring-bone pattern incisions and with concentric squares. The corner chamfers attest to the plasticity of the stone, easily worked, and extracted from nearby Mt. Valestra. On the eastern edge of the woods there's an antique tower house with concave corbel portal of the 15th century. Inside there is still the original floor, the dividing walls made by an interlacing of hazelnut wood covered with a mixture of mud and gypsum, an arched staircase which leads to the top floor, very narrow and essential windows. An adjacent building, perhaps a ruin of an antique tower too, has on the façade a quadrangular portal, now bunged. The jambs are composed and the architrave bears an engraved cross which surmounts the year "1430".
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Piazza Matilde di Canossa, 1
42033 Carpineti (RE)
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