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Saccaggio a Pontone


Saccaggio a Pontone - 42033 Carpineti

How to get there:

It's 7 km from the administrative capital. You get there following the SP 76 in the direction of Colombaia

Tourist Area:

Tourist Area

Geographic Area:

Geographic Zone
Matildic zone

Analytical text:

The nucleus occupies the northern foot of Mt. Lagoforno, to the side of the scenic road which from Castel San Pietro leads to Gatta (Castelnovo ne' Monti). The development of this center can be traced back to the 2nd half of the 12th century, period in which the church was consecrated. In 1500 the church united with the one of Pontone and the town declined to the rank of suburb of the nearby center. Saccaggio constitutes an exceptional rural complex of historical value, which has maintained the original environmental characteristics despite subsequent additions and modifications. The most significant aspects which emerge in the hamlet are represented by two tower house complexes of typical 16th century execution. The stone piagne of original covers have been generally integrated or substituted by roofing tiles. An interesting third building presents an uncovered balcony with wide fired brick stairway that you reach through a rounded arch sandstone portal. Other numerous historical traces can be found in the other complexes: covers of stone slab, irregular mesh wall surfaces, carved architraves, chipped ashlars and squaring of the windows. On the western profile of the hamlet, in counterpoint to the first tower house, a modern construction has been inserted, it has a wide glass wall with aluminum frames, which misarticulate the unity of the view.
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42033 Carpineti (RE)
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