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Ski Resort of Ventasso Laghi



Ventasso Laghi - 42030 Ramiseto

How to get there:

From the high part of the administrative capital you take the SP 102 that leads to Ventasso, passing the town of Montemiscoso you climb for another 6 km.

Weekday hours:

Every day if there's snow

Holiday hours:

Every day if there's snow

Opening times:


Offered services:

Services offered
Ski-lift system with 3 ski-lifts with a capacity of 1500 people per hour. Downhill runs length 11 km. Lake run (panoramic view of the lake); Large run (used also for Giant slalom races). Run #3 (used mostly for races). Baby run (used as a ski school) Ski equipment rental in the location Ventasso, restaurants, sandwich shops, ski school and snow blowing system.. Night's Passing: Available accommodation in hotels or residential premises


ski resort


Pass Holidays:
Morning / afternoon: € 14.00
Daily: € 19.00
Daily children: € 16.00
Daily FISI: € 17.00
Daily events: € 13.00
Daily licensed Ventasso, Bismantova ATRV: €. 16.00
Special wee-end: €. 32.00 Weekday ski pass
Morning / afternoon: € 10.00
Daily: € 14.00
Daily children: € 10.00

Reduced fees:

I minorti di 6 anni non pagano se accompagnati da un adulto che acquista uno skipass giornaliero. Ai minori di 13 anni è applicato il prezzo ridotto ragazzi

Bulk rates:



Children under 5 are free when accompanied by an adult who purchases a day pass.
Last update: March 8, 2021


Via della Libertà, 36
42032 Ventasso (RE)
0522 891120
0522 891520

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