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The chuch of Saint George in Cortogno


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Cortogno - 42034 Casina

How to get there:

From the administrative capital it's about 6 km
From Casina you take the provincial road n 11 in the direction of Sarzano, in the location La Stella a road on the left leads to Cortogno

Opening times:

all yeard round

Entrance fee:

ingresso gratuito



Tourist Area:


Geographic Area:

Matildic zone

Analytical text:

Description: In 1318 the church of "S. Gargori di Cortogna" is dependent on the Parish of Campiliola and it owes its tithes to this parish. In 1811 the Parish of Cortogno passes from the Vicariate of Castelnovo to that of Paullo. The church presents a simple hut shaped façade with vast trapezoid window surmounted by the emblem of patron San Giorgio. The construction has a sole nave ending with a semi-circular bowl-shaped vault apse on the outside of which in two different areas the date "1700" appears. On the right side of the church, on the bottom there's a soaring bell tower which rises, it has a four archivolted lighted cell and an upper ball-shaped acroterio. The nearby rectory has a praiseworthy bas relief sculpted slab on the front wall, which was an architrave of a window, depicting the rooster, a chalice and the emblem of Jesus Christ, all of which are contoured by a denticulated ovuled frieze.
Last update: March 8, 2021


P.zza IV Novembre, 3
42034 Casina (RE)
0522 604711
0522 609464

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