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The church of San Cassiano


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San Cassiano - 42031 Baiso

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The building is found in the location S. Cassiano 10 km from the administrative capital.



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Matildic zone

Analytical text:

Description: In the scrolls of the Tithes of 1302 and 1318 the church of S. Cassiano appears as being dependent on the Parish of S. Vitale of Carpineti. It's existence is attested to from 1094 thanks to the discovery of a Pyx under the main altar in 1958 during the demolition of the old church "SUNT RE/LIQUIAE SCOR/MAR IPOLITI / CASIANI / FLORIANI MAR. /CONSECRATUM / AB HERIBERTO/REGINO PONTIFICE. / ANNI DNI MILL/ XCIIIII INDICT. II / v KL IULII". This inscription attests to the fact that within the building the relics of the Martyr Saints Ippolito and Cassiano and Floriano had been kept here from the XI century, providing precise chronological details. The Vicar of Reggio Emilia, Eriberto, consecrated the altar in 1094. Seeing as the antique church was in a terrible state, Vicar Rangoni ordered it completely rebuilt during the pastoral visit of1594 and on October 25th 1615 he himself consecrated the new church. In 1664 the bell tower was completed as is attested by an epigraph present on the façade of the tower. The new church, facing liturgically in the opposite sense to the west, has a Latin cross plan with a nave, presbytery, apse and three altars. The main altar is dedicated to the Holy Sacrament and one of the lateral altars is dedicated to the Society of the Rosary and has a "well worked and varnished walnut" ancon, the other is dedicated to Sant' Antonio and has an ancon containing an image of the Saint, San Carlo and Santa Lucia. In 1907 the Bucciandi family financed restoration operations. Of the antique church only the bell tower remains. The church, deemed to small for the population and seriously threatened by continuous floods, was substituted with the current building, built in the years 1958 – 1962. The church was inaugurated in 1962. The stone façade is preceded by a portico with five ogival arches, which you reach by an imposing stairway. The motif of the ogival arch is resumed in the superior part of the sloping façade on which there are three longitudinal openings and it is repeated on the two walls of the transept. The interior, having a Latin cross plan with short transept, is vastly developed longitudinally; the ceiling is of the polychrome caisson type. The three windows of the apse are quite imposing and depict San Cassiano, Vicar, Maestro and Martyr. In the two later altars we find the antique wooden ancons dated 1672 and probably inspired by the works of Ceccati.
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