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The church of San Prospero in Valbona


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Valbona - 42037 Collagna

How to get there:

It's about 5 km from the administrative capital, you get there taking a town road. The church is found in the Valbona.

Opening times:

All year round

Entrance fee:

ingresso gratuito



Tourist Area:


Analytical text:

The church of San Prospero, whose origin is uncertain, in 1543 risked falling into ruins. In 1705 the structure of the church was based on a small, squared nave covered by plates. At the end of the XIX century the building was unstable because of the soil from landslides. The antique church of San Prospero of Valbona, which rose on the eastern border of the village, collapsed after the 1920 earthquake. A large landslide destroyed a second building, which had been built afterwards. The interior of the present day church retains two praiseworthy full relief statues made of Lunese marble dating back to the XVII – XVIII century.
Last update: March 8, 2021


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