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The Dolo Narrows


Valle del Dolo - 42030 Villa Minozzo

How to get there:

It's about 21 km from Villa Minozzo
From the administrative capital you take the SP 9 for Civago.

Tourist Area:

Tourist Area
Parco Nazionale dell'Appennino Tosco-emiliano

Geographic Area:

Geographic Area

Analytical text:

The Dolo Valley is characterized from a morphological viewpoint, by a series of narrow "throats" through which the river has carved its was crossing imposing sandstone barriers. To these, long stretches of open valleys follow, formed by clay which surfaces between one sandstone bank and another.
This is the succession from the top: the narrow of Penna of Civago (Between Civago and Abetina Reale), the narrow of Torredelle Scalelle ( between Civago and Gazzano), the narrow of Gazzano and the most spectacular one, the narrow of gova. Along the bed of the Dolo right next to the sandstone banks of the Gova narrow, you can enjoy the sulfurous springs of Quara which according to some were already exploited by the Romans who apparently built a thermal station here. Climbing up from here the Dolo river you will come across other numerous mud flows and bituminous. In this area there a thick swamp vegetation with alders (Alnus glutinosa), willows (Salix spp.) and various species of reeds, while further down in the valley there is an extensive oak wood (Quercus pubescens), recently thinned. Continuing your climb of the Dolo you will come across an extremely charming area characterized by layers of marne which are connected to the underlying clay banks of Cervarola and you will have to follow a path carved between layers of sandstone. In the higher part of the climb there area is covered by thick mixed woods characterized by Turkey oaks (Quercus pubescens) Black hornbeam (Ostrya Carpinifolia), maple (Acer campestre), Ash (Fraximus excelsior), Sorb (Sorbus domestica), Laburnum (Laburnum anagyroides) and in some areas by chestnut (Castanea sativa). Up here, during the spring you can admire a multitude of Orchid species.
From here at the beginning of the century tons of trunks were rolled down the Dolo which were then transported "via river" up to Sassuolo.
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