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The fortress of Minozzo


Minozzo - 42030 Villa Minozzo

How to get there:

Location Minozzo.
Distance from administrative capital km 5
From the administrative capital you get there taking the SP 59 in the direction of Ligonchio

Tourist Area:


Analytical text:

The municipal coat of arms of Villa Minozzo depicts the antique fort of Minozzo of which only a few wall ruins and remains of a tower can be seen.
The workmanship of the mortar and the almost exclusive use of lime cemented parallelepiped shaped stones, recalls constructions typical of the last years of the Roman Empire.
The fragmentary nature of sources prevents establishing with certainty the construction date of the fort which constituted an equipped bulwark to defend the upper valley of the Secchia river. Being ecclesiastic property the fort was used, in the XI century, as a residence for the provost of the court and for the protection of soldiers garrisoned by the Bishop of Reggio.
During the Estensi government, protracted up to the French revolution, the fort was selected as seat for the podesta and the notary of the fort occupied in the bottom part by the prisons, was guarded by two guards: one on Mt Castellino and the other at the bottom of the hamlet of Triglia.
In 1521 the fort resisted an attack by Domenico Amoreto, thus showing its power. When, in 1796, the estensi were dethroned, Minozzo ceased to lodge the podesta and in 1815 the seat of the municipality was transferred to Villa. The state of extreme deterioration of the fort, having become dangerous for the inhabitants who denounced the frequent crumbling, led to the municipality having it demolished. An agreement, which was not reached on the expenses for the destruction, annulled this decision, thus allowing the remains of the fort to survive.
Last update: March 8, 2021


Villa Minozzo
Piazza della Pace, 1
42030 Villa Minozzo (RE)
0522 801122
0522 801359

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