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The mill of Leguigno


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Leguigno - 42034 Casina

How to get there:

The mill is found in the fraction of Leguigno di Casina on the right of the torrent Tassobbio
Distance from the administrative capital: about 6 km.
Coming from Reggio Emilia cross the state road n° 63 at Casina, take the town road in the direction of Migliara Leguigno.
Fro the administrative capital take the town road in the direction of Migliara - Leguigno.

Tourist Area:


Geographic Area:

Matildic zone

Additional notes:

Additional information
The mill has been abandoned.

Analytical text:

The stone construction is spread over three levels and has a double layered roof and retains inside two pairs of grinders activated by horizontal mixing wheels, further down there are two other pairs of grinders which used the force of the water moved by the previous ones.
Its style suggests that it was constructed in the XVIII century.
the plant was abandoned in 1935 and afterwards was restructured and transformed into a residence.
Currently it's an interesting 19th century court building complex.
Last update: March 8, 2021


P.zza IV Novembre, 3
42034 Casina (RE)
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