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The tower in Felina


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Felina - 42035 Castelnovo Ne Monti

How to get there:

Felina can be reached from Reggio Emilia taking the SS 63; it's 5 km from the administrative capital. The fortified complex occupies the peak of a marly hill that rises in an isolated place inside the wide basin of Felina. The hill is the result of residual erosion phenomena that occurred all over the area determining this characteristic morphology.

Weekday hours:

The tower can be visited only by asking the parish priest in advance

Tourist Area:


Geographic Area:

Zona Matildica

Additional notes:

Notizie Aggiuntive:
Il complesso fortificato occupa la sommità di un colle di natura marnosa che si innalza in posizione isolata all'interno dell'ampia conca di Felina. Il colle ha avuto origine da fenomeni di erosione residuale che hanno interessato tutta la zona determinandone la caratteristica morfologia.

Analytical text:

The castle of Felina appears in documents from the early Middle ages. Of the antique wall structures only a donjon remains visible as the entire area surrounding it was reserved as sacrarium – park in the years immediately following the first World War. The tower has a circular layout spread over various levels. The top was rearranged in recent times. The wall surface is made of sandstone stone ashlar distributed in parallel lines. A few meters from the ground floor you can see a narrow portal partially bunged with composed jambs and rectangular architrave. Near the ground floor there's a small bunged slit. Remains of wall structures, which have been extensively rearranged, are can be visited on the southern tip of the plain on which a donjon rises.
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