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Tower house in Bosco San Romano


Bosco di San Romano - 42031 Baiso

How to get there:

The building is found on Via Bosco, it can be reached taking a town road.
It's 10 km from the administrative capital.

Tourist Area:


Geographic Area:

Matildic zone

Analytical text:

The tower house belongs to the Corti family.
The 16th century building was erected on a sandstone basement.
The dovecot tower which represents the most interesting part of the complex, is attributable to the XVII - XVIII century.
It's arranged on a simple layout with stone structure developed on five levels, the dovecot underlined by a border in Relief.
The top of the tower is made of brick.
A raised portal with ogival brick arch leads tot he living quarters while a small cyma contoured eave ceiling defines the roof.
The portal retains remnants of the original façade and by authentic visual study of the same on a side of the tower we can imagine a subsequent raising of it and a probable lowering of the volume above the entrance portal.
The small windows on the ground floor, the raised portal and the position of the tower in the agricultural court setting of which it is an integral part clearly denote the defensive use, apart from its use as living quarters, that the construction must have had.
Last update: March 8, 2021


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