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Tower house in Monchio di Sarzano


Monchio dei Ferri - 42034 Casina

How to get there:

Distance from the administrative capital: about 2 km
From Casina you take the SP 11 in the direction of Monchio dei Ferri.

Tourist Area:


Geographic Area:

Matildic zone

Analytical text:

The house has a court layout enclosed by a wall and spreading over two characteristic towers.
The court descends southward.
the stone structures are attributable to the XVI - XVII century.
The first tower, the most ancient, rises on four floors. The roof is made of roof tiles imposed on an eave ceiling with classic brick motif arranged in an overlapping saw-edged fashion and forming a "T" interspersed by holes for the swifts.
A dovecot border, linear and overlapping saw edges, runs all along.
On the southern and western side there are two windows with squared concave corbel and triangular architraves.
At the base there's an ashlar with the date 1170.
The second tower, shorter and more squat, can be traced to the XVII century.
The dovecot borders are also visible on this ne.
On the top there's a metallic framework with the bell.
An architraved underpass leads to the back of the complex where you can admire the 16th century volumetric composure.
the complex has a wide sloping façade, with double layered roof.
The inside court has numerous traces of windows and arcade which have been bunged.
Inside the court the lines of a now bunged open gallery are still there to be seen.
A nice architraved portal opens on the enclosure of the western wall.
The eastern side is occupied by antique dwellings or service rooms, these too belong to the XVI century and they continue on the southern side. A careful restoration by the current owners saved from ruins one of the more representative architectural examples of settlements spread over the territory.
Such settlements, founded by noble families after the affirmation of the Estensi Seigniory, are characterized by the construction style of tower houses. The oratory of the XVIII century belonging to the Rossi family and dedicated to the Madonna delle Ghiara is attached to the complex.
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42034 Casina (RE)
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