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Triassic gypsums



42035 Castelnovo Ne Monti

Periods of Activity:

Year round except in bad weather (snow).


Triassic gypsums


You reach the departure area through SS 63 Reggio Emilia, Busana, or from SP 18 Pradarena Pass, Ligonchio, Busana.
The route starts in the village of Busana.

Tourist Area:

Parco Nazionale dell'Appennino Tosco-emiliano

Geographic Area:


Details of tour:

Itinerary in Detail:
The visit starts from the Pianello bridge, which descends along the gravely shore of the river, into the heart of the Gypsum valley. From here you enter the bush, where you will witness the characteristics of the flora and vegetation, and visit an old "metato", a building which in the past was used to desiccate chestnuts.
Resume walking and you will reach the mouth of a karsic cave, the Tannone Grande della Gacciolina, one of the most important grottos of the area.
At the end of the morning you will climb up to the town of Sologno, where you can have a picnic lunch or dine at the restaurant.
The visit can end here with a brief walk in the more charming part of the town, or continue climbing Mt. Pianellina (851 mt) on the peak of which you can enjoy a wide view of the valley.
You then descend to the Poiano springs known for their "salts" (solfate-
As regards the itineraries of Busana you can enter the gypsums from SP 18 Busana, Marmoreto, continuing then along a gravel road up to the confluence Secchia-Ozola.
Nature route N. 22 "Gypsums Valley": departure from the town of Busana.
Last update: July 10, 2019


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