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Viano - 42030 Viano

How to get there:

Viano is 22km from Reggio Emilia and you can get there taking the SS 467 up to Scandiano, where you continue along the SP 7. It's 35 km from Modena and you can get there taking the SS $(&, then the SS 467 up to Scandiano, where you continue along the SP 7.

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Tourist Area

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Analytical text:

The territory of the town of Viano, called Querciolese due to the relevant presence in the area of the oak plant, is a basin having a characteristic hammer shape, where on the hilt we find the fractions of Castello Querciola, San Pietro Querciola and San Giovanni Querciola.
On the hammer part we find the Tresinaro torrent which receives its water from the Rio Faggiano whereas the mouth includes the villages of Regnano, Casola Querciola and Cà Bertacchi. The administrative capital and the small hamlet of Tabiano are aligned in the suture at the bottom between the club and hilt.
The basin enclosed between coasts and ridges and punctuated by falcon nest shaped peaks, presents an alternation of cultivated lands and uncultivated lands and calanques.
At Viano there's one of the most significant buildings of late medieval Apennine architecture; a tower house attributable to the second half of the 15th century.
The construction which has maintained the original characteristics and volumes, has a square plan with a heterogeneous stone and lime walling. The roof is four pitched and has a dovecot on the top.
A praiseworthy window sculpted with concave mensole stands out from the façade. The Querciolese and the entire municipality of Viano have different inscriptions which can be traced in the buildings present in the administrative capital.
The church of the Santissimo Salvatore at Viano already existed and was parochial in 1187.
Due to the floods of the nearby Tresinaro in 1543 it became unsafe so much so that in the following decades a new church was erected to substitute the one which was destroyed.
This later one too was brought down by floods, in about 1670 so a third church was built and is the one which we see today.
The church retains a few objects worth mentioning of liturgical silverware and a few paintings such as the small canvas of the Redeemer, probably a work by Girolamo Massarini (1626 – 1700) and the Madonna del Rosario e dei Santi (1813) of Francesco Camuncoli.
Another noteworthy presence in Vetto is the castle situated on the peak of an arenaceous – marly relief with pebbly edges which abruptly interrupts the Tresinaro valley. The fortification has unusual dimensions for the Reggiano hills, as it occupies a vast surface accompanied by part of the original hamlet with stretches of counterforts and defensive walls.
Between the two bodies of the building there's the hamlet, which has a linear plan with buildings in rows. Not far from the castle there's an oratory dedicated to Sant'Antonio, it has a simple hall plan and double sloping roof.
Within the territory of the administrative capital you can still see traces of a few mills such as the Armani Mill, the della Botte Mill and the Tabello Mill.
The Armani Mill was also known as the "Municipality Mill" and it had a mangano.
The mill has now been transformed into a residence but traces of its presence can e seen in the long line of grinders which flank the road.
Along the road towards the mill, a 20th century aedicula is visible, it is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin and has a square plan with rounded arch portalino.
The "della Botte" Mill instead has not undergone modifications on its exterior.
There still is the canal and the millcourse or mill pond with the huge vertical wheel.
The construction of the Tabello Mill, operated by horizontal wheels, is now characterized by a quadrangular base tower with four weathered sloping roof and with a marked dovecot border.
The mill stopped being used at the end of the1950's and now retains its original equipment and mechanisms, along with its adduction system.
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