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Vulcanetto del Querciola restaurant


  • 0522 858134


Via Salone, 3 Regnano - 42030 Viano

Additional specification:

Services offered: handicapped access;Bar

How to get there:

From Viano administrative capital, 7 km away, you take the SP 89 for Regnano, Via Salone, 3;
From Reggio Emilia: Albinea SP 63, Regnano
From Castelnovo ne' Monti SS 63 up to Casina where you take the SP 63 that leads to Regnano

Weekday hours:

Reservation only
open from: 21:00

Holiday hours:

Reservation only
open from: 13:00 and 21:00

Weekly Closure:


Opening times:

All year round. Holidays at the end of August.

Credit cards:


Accommodation capacity:


Available rooms:


Type of cuisine:

Typical Menu
The Vulcanetto is one of those places that if it weren't for the material culture brought to your table would probably belong more to the realm of dreams than reality.
Fire is the symbol and the element of attraction of this restaurant where dishes are born and transformed by the most rigorous Reggiano tradition; we won't list them, they are so many of them and of so a great variety. They are made, according to the season, what's in the garden, how we happen to feel that day. (A.A. V.V. edited by P.G. Oliveti, 1999)


Traditional Reggiana

Wine List:

"Autarchia reggiana assoluta anche nel vino".


Prices: € 35/40.00
Last update: March 8, 2021


Via San Polo, 1
42030 Viano (RE)
0522 988321
0522 988497

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