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War Memorial - Cervarolo


Piazza Martiri di Cervarolo - 42030 Villa Minozzo

How to get there:

Place: Cervarolo
Journey: from Villa Minozzo along teh road 9 following the directions to Civago to Cervarolo

Tourist Area:


Additional notes:

Distanza da: Km. Casello Aut.le: Km. Uscita SGC: Km. Stazione Ferroviaria: Km. Strade Statali e Provinciali:

Analytical text:

War Memorial - On the wall of the building n°22 in the square, there is a white marble gravestone with a carved epigraph.In the area surrounding the chapel there are two plates: the first made of white marble with a cross and an epigraph in relief, the second made of grey granit with the epigraph in two languages - ( Italian - German )
The gravestone on the house date back to 1945, while the gravestone in the farmyard dates 1955, the year of the redecoration made by the architect Osvaldo Piacentini. Inscription: Habitation: "ON THE 20 MARCH 1944 WHILE BECAUSE OF THE VILE NAZI-FASISTS WORK CERVAROLO WAS BURNING/THIS FARMYARD SAW 24 UNARMED VILLAGERS WHO WERE VILELY MOWN DOWN BY THE ENEMIES' LEAD/THE MARTYRDOM AND THE HORROR TEACH AT WHAT HIGH PRICE THE ITALIAN PEOPLE PAID FOR ITS FREEDOM//" Farmyard: "YOUR GRAVE IS AN ALTAR/ " N.Brugnoli, A.Canovi - Le Pietre Dolenti ".
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Villa Minozzo
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42030 Villa Minozzo (RE)
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