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Zone of Paullo end Fiumicello


Paullo - Rio Fiumicello - 42034 Casina

How to get there:

It's 5 km from the administrative capital
From Casina you take the SP 11 and then follow the directions for Paullo.

Tourist Area:

Tourist Area
Matildic zone

Geographic Area:

Geographic Area

Analytical text:

The area of Paullo and the Fiumicello brook is quite interesting as it is a particularly homogenous scenic compartment, characterized by the outcrop of a strong arenaceous formation (those of the Ranzano sandstones) which is more or less cemented, covered in the nearby territory by intensely cultivated clay coulters ( formations of the "clay of Viano" and the "marls of Mt Piano"). The different levels of natural cementing has created the typical shapes of round-top mountain erosion, while the greater resistance of the sandstone compared to the clay has allowed for the formation of overhanging walls of great height (greater even than 20 m). Vegetation and Flora
The less steep sides of the Fiumicello brook area are covered by thick woods, at times with tall trunks, with the abundant presence of protected species. In particular the Buraghina ravine, situated on a north-south axis, and a tributary on the right of the of the Fiumicello brook, is characterized by a luxurious vegetation which carpets the entire meteoric. Tourist Itineraries
The charming beauty of these places is accentuated by the existence of important historical-architectural episodes, such as the Romanesque parish of S. Bartolomeo and the Paullo Castle. The parish, of Romanesque origin, retains traces of the former construction, such as the praiseworthy sculpted capitals. The valley is inserted in a territory which is highly characterized by historical hamlets (Sordiglio, Bergogno, Cortogno) and by the castle and urban remnants of the Matildic period, between the municipalities from Canossa and Casina, covered by a thick network of paths and historical routes.
The castle, with its XI century layout, occupies the upper part of a big isolated spire, which rises almost in the center of Fiumicello brook basin, thus dominating the entire geographical habitat. Accesses and Paths:
From La Vecchia on the SS 63 (which can be reached from Reggio or from the mountains frequently with public transport), located at the mouth of the Fiumicello brook on the Crostolo: with path # 14 of the Casina municipality you climb the small valley on small roads touching the rural centers of Giminella and Pollecchia. Just before the isolated Capelletti House you turn right to reach the knoll of the Paullo castle.
Continuing through the woods and scenic openings you climb to 600 m where the Paullo parish is located, from where you go on towards the south crossing the Paullo plain with path #4, which follows the small road for Lezzolo. At the entrance to the hamlet you can choose to go back on foot to the Ripa center, you climb and then follow the road on the right, then turn left for Ciolla and from here downwards between country carriage roads to Vecchia. We suggest though turning right just before Lezzolo, following path #13, which crosses beautiful woods and passes Mt Vaglio. It then descends the solitary valley of Rio delle Palastre. After passing the splendid tower house of Vaglio, you reach the curves at Bocco on the SS 63, where a bus will take you back to Vecchia. Count on 3 hours of walking, excluding pauses. From Sordiglio A hamlet on the Pecorile – Sordiglio -La Stalla provincial road (the eighteenth century "military road of Lunigiana"), which can be reached by car even from La Vecchia with the road for Padern, then to the left for Banzola: from the center of Sordiglio you continue left away from the main road (coming from the north, from Reggio or Paderna) on the road marked in white and blue with #5, which runs between chestnuts to the town of Susineta.
Follow for a few minutes south the small road; there you again turn left to reach in the woods the Paullo Parish. After a visit and a rest, you turn west on the road for Costaferrata, but after the intersection for the athletic field you climb on the left (path #16) for a very scenic knoll, coming out on a road which on the right leads to the provincial road Pecorile – La Stella. You follow it on the left, descending for a few minutes and then turn right for the woods, on path #15, that you will follow through valleys near Canossa up to the historic hamlet of Bergogno. At the bottom of the village, path #5 descends on the right towards north reaching the Campola torrent at Mulino di Votitgno.
The small paved road on the right quickly leads to Sordiglio. All this takes about 4 hours of leisurely walking.
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