Sandstone artisanship


42026 Canossa


Activity: Stone beating


Typical products
Artistic and artisan products

Historical Origins:

Historical origins The tradition of stone beating has ancient origins. Here is the only active school of stone operating officially in the provinces of Reggio Emilia, Parma, and Modena.


Background information
Sandstone sculpture has distant origins. Among the most illustrious masters Wiligelmo can be cited, a sculptor who worked in the service of the countess Matilde, creating works of fundamental importance in western art. The local artists/artisans recall in their works the mediaeval motives and forms of this great artist.

Typical techniques:

Typical techniques
The typical technique is the almost exclusively manual beating and sculpting of local sandstone, taken from he that area by the followers of this "small" art.


- Vasco Bolondi, Ciano d'Enza, Ph. 0522/878051;
- Germano Musi, location Vico di Ciano d'Enza, Ph. 0522/878113


Piazza Matteotti, 28 - loc. Ciano d'Enza, 42026 Canossa (RE)
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