Church of San Giovanni Battista at Leguigno


Leguigno - 42034 Casina


P.zza IV Novembre, 3, 42034 Casina (RE)
0522 604711, 0522 609464


  • 0522 607121

How to get there:

Distance from the administrative capital about 6 km
From Casina you take the town road in the direction of Migliara – Leguigno.



Tourist Area:


Geographic Area:

Matildic Zone

Analytical text:

The first mention of the church dates back to the year 1022 when the building was awaiting consecration to be opened to worship in honor of S. Giovanni Battista. It rises on territory donated by two spouses of Gombio, a bordering town, probably to facilitate services for residents. In the Register of Tithes of 1302 the church, with the name of "ecclesia di Lagoia", was dependent on the Campiliola parish. In March 1538 the church was described as having a single nave with the main altar and that of the Holy Sacrament and having two lateral chapels. In 1616 there's mention of works done on the church financed by the parish, probably deriving from the Confraternity of the Holy Sacrament or by renting territories belonging to the church patrimony. The Bebbi counts, in 1623, had restoration work done and jobs done to embellish the church. The building has a façade divided into 3 parts scanned by pilaster strips ending with small arches where three archivolted portals open. In the center of the façade there's a three-mullioned window. The main nave continues into the presbytery enclosed by the semi-circular apse, the two lateral aisles have the rosary altar on the left and the San Paolo altar on the right, these too are located in the same direction of the main altar. In the choir there's a painting of San Giovanni Battista; on the two lateral altars there are paintings of the Rosary Madonna (behind which there's a hidden niche where there's the "simulacrum" of the Madonna, used during processions) and of San Paolo's conversion, on the side of the latter there are two statues which have reproduced images of San Paolo and San Pietro. On the floor there are three trap doors which indicate the same number of underground rooms used for burials. The ancient baptismal basin is still kept in the church. In 1788 the central nave was raised 3.8 meters compared to the lateral aisles, and equipped with glass windows and floor. In 1838 a third bell was added tot he two existing ones. From 1964 to 1988 the entire church underwent restoration and conservation works. The slender belfry is enclosed by a single-holed cell. Celebrations: the San Giovanni Battista feast is held on June 24th, the Santa Anna feast on July 26th.

Last update: April 11, 2022