Crovara - 42020 Vetto

How to get there:

Location Crovara
It's about 18 km from the administrative capital
From the administrative capital you take the SS 513 in the direction of San Polo up to Buvolo, from here take the road for Paignolo and Crovara

Tourist Area:

Tourist Area

Geographic Area:

Geographic Zone
Matildic zone

Analytical text:

Crovara, situated on the reliefs on the left side of the Tassobio torrent, is one of the small hamlets of the Vetto municipality.
the hamlet is rich in history and legends.
Today, there are only a few ruins left of the castle: two galleries, a small one which must have been a cistern and a bigger one almost certainly used as a stable, and a few parts of a wall.
According to a legend, still existent today, the inhabitants of the area and nearby villages have always looked with a bit of suspicion and fear at those ruins amongst which they were forced to wander, overcome by guilt for their crimes, the souls of many bandits who had found hospitality in the castle. Legend also states that during stormy nights, the souls had fun chasing and scaring the travelers who were passing through the area.
Inside the church, dedicated to S. Giorgio, you can see a praiseworthy "Annunciation" of the Guercio school and a praiseworthy Baroque tabernacle in golden wood.
In a wall next to the sacristy there's a large cylindrical stone, extracted from a stone wall of the castle, on which there's an engraved ironic and mocking face of a devil.


Piazza Caduti di Legoreccio, 1, 42020 Vetto d'Enza (RE)
0522 815222 , 0522 815694

Last update: December 12, 2023