Rural center in Cadognega with tower house


Cadonega - 42030 Viano


Via San Polo, 1, 42030 Viano (RE)
0522 988321, 0522 988497

How to get there:

Viano is 22 km from Reggio Emilia and can be reached taking the SS 467 up to Scandiano, where you continue on the SP 7. It's 35 km from Modena and can be reached taking the SS486, then the SS 467 up to Scandiano, where you continue on the SP 7. The town of Cadonega is located a short distance from the town of Viano, near the left bank of the Tresinaro torrent.

Tourist Area:


Geographic Area:

Matildic zone

Analytical text:

the Rural nucleus is characterized by two tower houses arranged on various dwelling levels which, even though modified, retain original architectural features attributable to the XVII century.
The cover surface of the two towers is made of brick with four layered roof subtended by a small eave cyma ceiling.
The taller tower retain traces of the dovecot border and a series of holes for swifts. The mill, with regular layout, was completely restored and transformed into a residence.
It already existed at the beginning of the XIX century and was registered in the Hydrographic Chart of Italy in 1888.
There was a sawmill attached which has now been demolished.
What is left is the adduction canal and the plant for the grinders activated by horizontal "a retrecine" wheels.
In the location you will also find the oratory dedicated to the nativity of Christ belonging to the Spadoni. It's characterized by a hall layout with sloping façade on which a three-foiled window opens.

Last update: April 11, 2022