The church of San Romano


San Romano di Baiso - 42031 Baiso


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The building is found in the location S. Romano 8 km from the administrative capital.

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Matildic zone

Analytical text:

The church appears with the title of "ecclesia de Sancto Romano" in the Register of Tithes of 1318 as dependent on the parish of Sant'Eleucadio (Saint Valentine). It appears to have been reconstructed towards the end of the XV century. From the following it was dedicated to Saints Quirico and Giuditta. The pastoral visits in the 1500's and 1600's were concluded with denouncements of negligence. Rangone visited the church in 1616, pointing out the following year that the floor and the roof were in ruins and there were cracks on the façade. In 1626 restoration work was done and the side altars were enlarged. The layout of the church, according to a document amongst those written for the visit of Mariani, is of 1664. The bell tower, which isn't present on the layout, is mentioned for the first time in an inventory of 1729. In the decade of 1876-86 the church was enlarged and the bell tower was made taller. Restoration work done during the Second World War also involved the redoing of the façade which has a modern wall surface on which there's a rosette overlooking the archivolted portal. Along the double layered covering there's a winding small arches ornamental motif. The layout is the following: reek cross layout and three altars, it is liturgically oriented (to the east), the presbytery area has an apse and the ceiling is the transept type. The original architecture was of the end of the XVI century, a mixture of Donic and Tuscan with squared colonnades and semi-circular channel. The church today presents a sloping façade with archivolted portal, central rosette and crowning part with small arches. On the northern side there's a soaring bell tower ending with a single light window cell. Above the main altar there's an altar piece dated 1630 depicting the Madonna of the rosary. On the two minor altars there is on the left the painting with the titular saints, other saints and the Madonna of Loreto (Quuirico, Giuditta, romano,Antonio), on the right a moden painting depicting S.


Piazza della Repubblica, 1, 42031 Baiso (RE)
0522 993511, 0522 843980

Last update: December 12, 2023